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The UW Gear Swamp Fox 4 is the direct result of field operations in a woodland environment. It is designed for extended patrolling in a harsh field environment, where quick access to ready mags is required, but good protection is also required. Like the Minuteman 4, it holds 4 x 30-rd mags, plus slots for small pouches. But it also features a split front, which is cooler in extremely hot weather, and makes proning out for extended periods of time much easier.


Once again, the pouches are protected by a top flap, and secured with our unique tuck tab closure system. So not only do they keep all the forest out of the pouch, but are quick and silent to operate,
even at night and/or with gloves on. They are also extremely secure, so you won't lose mags when bounding through the bush. We realize that this is a different approach and may be novel for some. But we think open top, bungee pull tab pouches are optimized for urban assault ops, and square range games, where static, speed reloads are emphasized. Our design is optimized for use in how we may have to fight with it, that is, mobile, and reloading prone, behind cover. Not only do we have to fight with it, we have to live in it as well. Not just an 8-hr op or training session, and then back in the bag or truck.  We may have to patrol in it for extended periods of time. So exposed mags and other gear are not a good idea.


The base has been split, giving you another adjustment point, so you now have 2 mags per side, along with MOLLE slots for a BOK or FRS radio. The harness is more comfortable, and remains low profile for use with a belt kit and/or rucksack. A slick plate carrier can be worn underneath as well.


The Swamp Fox 4 has some improvements, such as all binding tape construction, making a much stronger rig overall. The top flaps now have 2" webbing reinforcement, which are twice as strong. The MOLLE slots are reduced to two columns, so smaller pouches are encouraged, that fit in with rucksacks better.


This rig is the next step in our chest rig evolution. It combines features from both chest rigs and load bearing vests into one rig optimized for our needs. Throw in the tuck tab design, and we think you'll agree, this is the best split front rig out there.


Sizes: Adjustable

Colors: Click here to see swatches

Price: $160.00 + shipping

(FL Residents add 7% sales tax)

Other patterns coming soon. Email for availability of other colors, minimum order may apply.

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